Kerala, Karnataka and Goa: My 1 Month Itinerary

So, as a lot of you who follow me on Social Media will know, Wednesday was my last day working as a teacher in Korea! I’ve had a great 2 and a half years out here but feel like it’s definitely time for me to hang up my phonics chart and board markers! Plus, I have lots of exciting plans for the future so it’s hard to be too sad. Which brings me to September’s plan! This month I’ll be travelling around Karnataka, Goa and Kerala and I want to share my itinerary with you!

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be partnering with Go Mowgli in that time. They are kindly offering any Wee Gypsy Girl readers who want to come to Kerala with me 15% off  their tour!! Continue reading for more details!

Karnataka & Goa

Hampi, 4 Days

I’ll fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hyderabad then take an overnight train to Hampi. This is one of the places that I’m so excited to visit in India! The pictures that I’ve seen make it look like another planet- gonna be channeling my inner Lara Croft hiking through all of the ancient temples! Go Mowgli will be kindly showing me around as part of their Hampi Day Tour.

Palolem, 4 Days

Vagator Beach, Goa

Vagator Beach, Goa

Aaah! So excited about this. I was originally going to spend more time in Karnataka visiting the hill stations of Chikmagalur and Coorg but, when I properly got round to researching it, it started to seem like a bit of a hassle.

Now, I really love going off the beaten path and being close to nature but this is my first proper solo trip and I want as few headaches as possible. I’ve visited North Goa before and would have loved to have explored the South so I figured that was a better option for me. It’s the monsoon season so I’ll mostly just be chilling out, eating fish curries and praying for a few clear, sunny beach days!

Mysore, 3 Days

Although these days I have been enjoying auld mother nature more than ever, I’m still a city girl at heart, so will be glad to be back in my element in a big city. Mysore is famous for ayurveda, yoga and silk- I’m sure I’ll fit in well! The markets here are supposed to be amazing! I’ve already promised myself not to bring back too many souvenirs but I fear it might be a difficult promise to keep!


Wayanad, 3 Days

Yala National Park Sri Lanka

Yala National Park Sri Lanka

This is one of the most Northern parts of Kerala and, according to friends, is a must stop between Karnataka and Kerala. Wayanad is also a hill station so it’ll fill that void that Coorg and Chikmagalur left in my plans. (Am I being melodramatic?) They also have a lot of elephants here and I love seeing

They also have a lot of elephants here and I love seeing Nellys in the wild so I’ll be very content! (Btw, the pic above is from Yala National Park in Sri Lanka- another great place to see elephants in their natural habitat!)

Kochi, 3 Days


A quintessential stop on any Kerala tour! Kochi is one of the oldest fishing ports in India and has a mix of both Chinese and European influences. I find places like this so interesting so I decided to spend a few days here and see all of the sites! This will also be the first port of call on my Go Mowgli tour. As part of the tour, we’ll spend one day exploring this city together before moving on to explore the rest of Kerala.

If you like what you see, don’t forget that you can join me on this tour for 15% off the usual price! 

Munnar, 2 Days


We’ll be spending 2 days in Munnar, arguably the most well-known tea station in Kerala. Here we’ll hike through tea fields, visit a spice plantation and learn all about the herbs used in ayurvedic medicine. There’s also the opportunity to go bamboo rafting or on a wildlife safari, too!

Thekkady, 2 Days


Thekkady is one of the 8th most biodiverse places in the world. This is the place to go to spot loads of wildlife. If you’ve seen The Jungle Book (which I’m sure you have) you’ll know that this part of India is famous for elephants and tigers! While we’re there, we’ll be doing a boat safari and some nature hikes.

Allepey, 1 Day


No visit to Kerala is complete without a houseboat tour! In Allepey we’ll spend the day cruising along the backwaters, eating fresh seafood and drinking fresh coconuts. I’ve always wanted to do this so I’m extremely excited about it! We’ve also got the option to stay overnight on the houseboat which would be an awesome experience!

Varkala, 1 Day


This will be the final day of the Go Mowgli Tour. Varkala is one of the prime backpacker hotspots in Kerala and a great place to chill out and enjoy some watersports. The guys from Go Mowgli will take us to a temple town and around the village so we can experience a more local side of Varkala.

The next day you’re free to stay in Varkala to explore or head on to your next destination. You can also get dropped off at either Trivandarum or even Fort Kochi, where the tour began!

About Go Mowgli

I’m not the sort of person who usually does tours but when I read about Go Mowgli I knew that I had to do a tour with them in India! The guys are all from Karnataka and are travellers themselves. They started up Go Mowgli to make travel more accessible for backpackers in India. It’s the first hop on hop off tour of its kind in the country. Having travelled in India previously, I find their concept so fresh and exciting!

So many people seem to be apprehensive about travelling in India, especially solo females, and these tours make it easy, safe and affordable for everyone. One of my favourite travel bloggers, Rachel from Hippie in Heels, was one of the first people to tour with them and can vouch for their professionalism and the perks of taking a tour with them.

Read here review here!

Kerala Parotta Tour

I’ll be going on the Kerala Parotta Tour with Go Mowgli from the 25th September to the 2nd of October.

If you’re going to be around Kerala on that time then you should definitely come and join me!

Go Mowgli are offering Wee Gypsy Girl Readers 15% off tours. Just use my code WEEGYPSYGIRL2016

The tour price is 16,000 INR but with my code will be 13,600 INR.

That’s around 150 GBP or 200 USD20 GBP or 30 USD per day. That might seem a bit pricey to hardcore budget travellers but, for those who are willing to spend a bit more for comfort and peace of mind, I think it’s a great deal.

Travelling in India is really cheap so chances of you spending a fortune are slim! Plus the guys at Go Mowgli can hook you up with loads of discounts off attractions and accommodation and show you the local side of all the tourist places.

I hope some of you guys can accompany me on the tour because I’d love to meet you and share this journey with you, too!

Read here for more details on the tour!

1 Month

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Disclaimer- I have been invited on this tour by Go Mowgli. As always, I only promote brands and products that I love and that I think my readers will love too.

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    Amanda Williams
    3rd September 2016 at 9:32 pm

    This has brought back s many happy memories as this itinerary covers several of the places I visited when I backpacked around Southern India in 1997! A lifetime ago, so thanks for bringing back happy memories. I particularly love Hampi!

  • Reply
    Punita Malhotra
    3rd September 2016 at 11:03 pm

    That sounds really great! If you can, try adding Cochin (Kerala) it has a great Jewish history and famous Chinese fishing boats (you can google them)

  • Reply
    Bryony Clapperton (travelsandmore)
    3rd September 2016 at 11:57 pm

    I am so jealous!

  • Reply
    17th September 2016 at 10:43 pm

    Nice Kerala is most attractive natural beauty covered tourist center in India. Wonderful attraction for all tourists in Kerala tourist destination centers. The post and the pictures are beautifully weaved

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    13th January 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Hi! Is the Price with gomowgli including accommodation and food? 🙂

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  • Reply
    Rajat Sharma
    22nd October 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Such a beautiful itinerary about KKG(Karnataka, Kerala, and Goa). This itinerary is very useful for me because I am a South Indian and now i will start traveling in South India using this itinerary…..thanks to you and keep up the good one.
    you can also check out these best places to visit in South India to create an another itinerary post. check out those places at:-
    Rajat Sharma recently posted…10 Best Places to Visit in South India for make your South India trip memorableMy Profile

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