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templestay korea sunmudo golgulsa gyeongju

How Enlightening Really is a Templestay in Korea?

Doing a templestay in Korea is one of those quintessential things that most expats vow to do before they leave the country. Veeran and I had both always talked about doing one but always put it on the “one…

What to eat see drink do Jeonju
Korea Veggie Travel

What to Eat, Drink and Do in Jeonju

As far as cultural weekend trips around Korea go, there are few places as fun to visit as Jeonju. Not only is their Hanok Village one of the most famous and iconic in Korea but it’s also packed full…

Hiking Hallasan: The Highest Mountain in South Korea

Hiking Hallasan- The Highest Mountain in South Korea

Up until this Summer, one of the things that had been sitting (unticked) on my Korea bucketlist for a while was hiking Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea. Due to its location, slap bang in the middle of…

Korea What to Pack

How to Pack for a Year in Korea

A little life update from me- the end of my second teaching contract has come around and I’m faced with the horrendous task of consolidating the vast amounts of stuff that I…

5 Reasons to Explore Jeju Island by Bike
Eco-Travel Tips Korea

5 Reasons to Explore Jeju by Bike

With its beautiful beaches, amazing volcanic landscape and endless rows of tangerine fields, Jeju Island is a place that I think everyone should explore during their time in Korea. What a lot of people don’t know about Jeju Island…

Suwon Haenggungdong Mural Village: Street Art in Korea

Suwon Haenggungdong Mural Village: Street Art in Korea

South Korea, the land of kimchi,K-Pop and Samsung, isn’t often praised for its creative talents.Β Most of the images that we see of Korea portray a country full of opposites. High rise buildings stand side by side with traditional hanokΒ houses.…

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