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As Wee Gypsy Girl grows, here’s a full disclosure into how I monetise the content that you read.

Sponsored Posts

Very rarely, companies will get in touch with me and ask me to write content about a given destination which I get paid for. Sometimes I will accept guest posts from other authors. In all of these instances, you’ll see a full disclosure at the top of the post.

Affiliate Links

I’m a member of Amazon Affiliates and Hotels Combined among other 3rd party affiliate sites. If you click on one of these links and buy a product through my link, I’ll receive some commission. If I’ve ever used an affiliate link in a post (like this one), you’ll see a full disclosure at the end of it.


I’ve been lucky enough to partner with many amazing companies since the inception of my blog! Because of this, I’ve slept in a capsule hotel in Japan, learned to cook in Rome and explored ancient temples in India, all in return for online exposure. Again, I provide a full disclosure on each blog post and social share.

Your Privacy

Newsletter subscribers should rest assured that their information isn’t shared with any 3rd party companies. This website does not use any cookies and, at present, has no display advertising.

If you want me to clarify any of the above, leave me a comment and I’ll get straight back to you!

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