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Life & Reflections

Monthly Life Update: November 2017

November was a month of slowing the F down! (Thanks be to god…) After a pretty fast October, I needed to sit still, do some work and cook my own dinner for a change. It’s a good thing that…

Life & Reflections

Monthly Life Update: October 2017

Oh, October. Last month ended up being a pretty intense travel month. As some of you might remember me mentioning, Veeran and I decided to relocate to Thailand after 5 months of tavelling in Central America! I’m glad to…


Acatenango: A Volcanic Adventure in Guatemala

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Guatemala is one of the world’s most volcanic countries with 37 sitting within its borders. Much like drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, climbing one of these beastly volcanos was a must…

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