Mysore: The Land of Silk Sarees and Sandalwood


    It was with a heavy heart that I departed Mysore. The city that I had great expectations for and that exceeded all of them. The city that I intended to be a “time-filler” that ended up being the highlight of my trip. I planned to stay for just 3 days and ended up leaving, reluctantly, after 5. Truth be told despite the length of time I spent there, I barely even scratched the surface. Nope, I never even made it…

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  • summer-by-thehostecrowd

    Hostels in India: SUMMER by thehostelcrowd, Goa

    This post is the first in a series about hostels in India. As a budget traveller, hostels are my favourite mode of accommodation when I’m travelling. The facilities are perfect for…

  • Highlights of 2 Months in India

    Highlights of 2 Months in India!

    Hey everyone- it’s been a while! As a few of you might know, I decided to take a bit of a digital detox recently so things were a bit quiet on…

  • Palolem Beach Goa Backpackers

    A Backpacker’s Guide to Palolem Beach, Goa

    The hedonistic land of hippies, trance parties, drum circles and tropical beaches, Goa is renowned as a world-class party destination. Backpackers, soul searchers and nomads alike have been flocking there for…

  • copy-of-copy-of-jeju-itinerary-2

    A Backpacker’s Guide to Hampi

    India is a country that constantly surprises me. Over my past 2 trips, I’ve only seen a tiny portion of the country but each place is always drastically different from the…

  • Learning to Love Kuala Lumpur

    Learning to Love Kuala Lumpur

    I’ll be the first to admit- despite having visited Kuala Lumpur twice, it’s never been my first choice of city. Like a lot of other travellers, I use it as a…

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