A Backpacker’s Guide to Hampi


    India is a country that constantly surprises me. Over my past 2 trips, I’ve only seen a tiny portion of the country but each place is always drastically different from the last. My first port of call on this trip was Hampi, an ancient city in the heart of Karnataka. I had seen pictures of it online before, but nothing could prepare me for actually seeing it β€œin the flesh.” As I walked around Hampi, I would sporadically stop and…

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  • Learning to Love Kuala Lumpur

    Learning to Love Kuala Lumpur

    I’ll be the first to admit- despite having visited Kuala Lumpur twice, it’s never been my first choice of city. Like a lot of other travellers, I use it as a…

  • How to Pack for a Year in South Korea

    How to Pack for a Year in Korea

    A little life update from me- the end of my second teaching contract has come around and I’m faced with the horrendous task of consolidating the vast amounts of stuff that…

  • 5 Reasons to Explore Jeju Island by Bike

    5 Reasons to Explore Jeju by Bike

    With its beautiful beaches, amazing volcanic landscape and endless rows of tangerine fields, Jeju Island is a place that I think everyone should explore during their time in Korea. What a…

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