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5 Chilled Places for Solo Female Travellers in India

India is a place that often seems out of bounds for solo female travellers. Although it’s a vast country with beautiful places to see, the media only shows us the worst parts: few people have seen photos of the…

How to Spend a Day in Suwon

21 Quintessential Experiences to Have in South Korea

It’s no secret that South Korea’s not exactly a tourist destination people are flocking to get to. For most people, dreams of coming to Asia consist of seeking out undiscovered beaches in Thailand or visiting bucketlist places like the Great…

things to do in osaka

Don’t Leave Osaka Without….

If there was ever an award for the most underrated city in Asia, Osaka would be the clear winner. When we told other travellers we met that we had spent a couple of days in Osaka, most told us…

templestay korea sunmudo golgulsa gyeongju

How Enlightening Really is a Templestay in Korea?

Doing a templestay in Korea is one of those quintessential things that most expats vow to do before they leave the country. Veeran and I had both always talked about doing one but always put it on the “one…


Solo Travel in India Made Easy with Go Mowgli

Whenever I tell people that I travelled solo on India, their responses are always pretty much the same. “Weren’t you scared” “I’d love to see India but it’s too dangerous” I’d never travel to a place like that on…

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