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Varkala beach

Varkala Beach, India: What to Eat, See and Do

When it comes to beaches in India, Goa is most people’s destination of choice. With its hippie vibes, psytrance music and hedonistic atmosphere, it’s a place that people struggle to pull themselves away from. However, when I visited, I…

solo female travellers india chilled out cities

5 Chilled Places for Solo Female Travellers in India

India is a place that often seems out of bounds for solo female travellers. Although it’s a vast country with beautiful places to see, the media only shows us the worst parts: few people have seen photos of the…


Solo Travel in India Made Easy with Go Mowgli

Whenever I tell people that I travelled solo on India, their responses are always pretty much the same. “Weren’t you scared” “I’d love to see India but it’s too dangerous” I’d never travel to a place like that on…

Kochi Travel Guide

How to Travel in Kochi Like a Local

Falling in love with small, chilled out cities seemed to be a bit of a recurring theme on my trip to India. After my fleeting love affair with Mysore, the next unexpected city to steal my heart was Kochi; a…

Hostels in india sonder mysore
Budget Tips India Where to Stay

Hostels in India: Sonder, Mysore

This post is part of a series about hostels in India. As a budget traveller, hostels are my favourite mode of accommodation when I’m travelling. The facilities are perfect for backpackers and the opportunities to make new friends are…

Hoysala Temple Trail

Exploring the Hoysala Temple Trail with Go Mowgli

One of the most memorable days of my trip to India was exploring the Hoysala Temple trail with Go Mowgli. Funny thing was, I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing until we were in…

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