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4 Reasons to Take a Bike Tour in Mexico City

bike tour in mexico City

“Mexico City” and “bike friendly place.” Not exactly 2 words that you’d think would go well together, eh? When most of us think about Mexico City, we think about a huge bustling place- like a Latino New York City, with crazy traffic and taco stands aplenty. Most of us don’t even envision taking a bike tour in Mexico City.

A surprising fact that I found about Mexico City is that, in reality, it’s a pretty bike friendly place! In an act to become more environmentally friendly, city officials installed a bike sharing scheme that’s been met with enthusiasm by both locals and travellers alike.

I was lucky enough to spend a day with Mexico Bike Tour who are doing their bit to promote cycling as a means for tourists to explore the city.

So, if you’re considering a trip to El Districto Federal, here are my 4 top reasons to explore the city by bike!

No more traffic Jams!

bike tour in mexico City

Mexico City is a huge place with a huge population so it should come as no surprise that it has its fair share of traffic jams. I don’t think I really fathomed just how big Mexico City would be. It’s similar in size to London, maybe even bigger, and because of that, it can take a while to get from A to B.

The funny thing is, though, if you look at google maps, taking an Uber will rarely be the fastest mean of transport. While it might take 15 minutes to get somewhere by subway, it could take 45 minutes to drive there. Which mode of transport comes out on top, though? Cycling!

Quicker than both walking and driving, taking a bike tour in Mexico City really is the best way to enjoy it.

It’s Kind to the Environment

Bike Tour in Mexico City

Pollution is a huge problem in Mexico City. So huge, in fact, that it even sent 1 million people to hospital back in 1999! Now, you might be thinking that deciding to cycle a few places on your 3-day city break won’t make much of a difference but these little acts all add up!

You can REALLY Experience the City

bike tour in mexico City

When I spent my day cycling around DF with Mexico City Bike Tour, I felt like I was really experiencing the city. One minute I’d be amidst the busy business district and the next I’d be cycling down some cute back alleys. I was really able to feel and experience the city’s energy and landscape at the perfect speed to appreciate them.

The Green Spaces

bike tour in mexico City

Now, if you’re thinking that Mexico City is just one big concrete jungle, I need to tell you that you’re wrong. Did you know that la capital is home to the biggest park in the Western Hemisphere which is even bigger than Central Park?

Yup, not what you’re used getting told about Mexico City, is it? Chapultepec Park is an amazing place to cycle through with museums, botanical gardens and fun attractions to stop off at along the way. Oh, and guys, if any of you are dog lovers, you’ll be a huge fan of this pooch haven!

How to Take a Bike Tour in Mexico City!

Mexico City now has its own public bike sharing scheme however, to get the most out of your trip, I recommend taking a tour with Mexico Bike Tour. On our day cycling around the city with them, they took us to lots of little hidden spots including a chocolate museum and an awesome taco spot, too! Taking a bike tour in Mexico City with the people who know the city best is not only safer, but it’s more fun and meaningful, too.

Bike Tour in Mexico City

Yup, that’s chocolate tamales and chocolate agua fresca!

If you’re going to Mexico City and want to explore the city by bike, you can read more about Mexico Bike Tour here. At 700 MXN (£28/$38) for a 4-hour tour including bike and safety kit rental (I do love a good helmet!), it’s not bad value for money, either!

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Bike Tour in Mexico City

Disclaimer: We were both guests of Mexico Bike Tour however, as always, all opinions are my own!


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